Team Structure

Reaccreditation Executive Steering Team

The Reaccreditation Executive Steering Team provides oversight of the reaccreditation work by coordinating the assurance argument editing process and providing important resources. The Steering Team ensures that the work is being done to meet expectations and accreditation timelines.

Amy Edwards, Division of Management Information
Kristi Kuntz, Office of the Provost
Staci Provezis, Office of the Provost
Kate Techtow, Office of the Provost

Vice Chancellors’ Offices Representatives

The 2020 assurance argument and its supporting evidence files were reviewed and updated for the 2024 Year 4 Assurance Review by the Steering Team in consultation with the following representatives from the Vice Chancellors’ Offices portfolio areas.

  • Nizam Arain, Associate Vice Chancellor for Access and Equity
  • Barry Benson, Vice Chancellor for Advancement
  • Christoper Harris, Deputy Associate Chancellor and Senior Director of Executive Communications
  • Cheryl Heck, Executive Director of Administrative Operations at Illinois Human Resources
  • James Hintz, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • Erik McDuffie, Faculty Fellow at the Office for the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation and Associate Professor in the Department of African American Studies
  • Kristin McMurray, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administration and Operations
  • Paul Redman, Executive Associate Provost for Budget and Resource Planning
  • Christopher Span, Chancellor’s Chief of Staff and Associate Chancellor for Administration and Pre-K Initiatives
  • Kandace Turner, Director for Public Engagement